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I’m more superior than Zari – Ritah Kaggwa

For a long time, there has been an exchange of words between motor-mouthed blogger Ritah Kaggwa and Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan.

The two perhaps don’t wish to meet each other at any function and all they care about is insulting and mocking each other each chance they get.

On Wednesday, Zari Hassan ganged up with Bad Black as they made a meal of Ritah Kaggwa return to Uganda.

The socialites scolded her through comments on social media as they described her looks as “terrible” for a woman who has spent over ten years in the UK.

While appearing on NBS TV’s UnCut show, Ritah Kaggwa hit back saying she cannot be compared to Zari as she ranks way higher than her.

The mother of four further stated that she is living in a very stable and happy marriage whereas Zari is often seen hopping from one dude to another.

Ritah Kaggwa poked further by alleging that the SA-based socialite changes men like undergarments and is now even dating a boy way younger than her.

“Zari Hassan and I should never be compared since I am superior to her. I have a good education, am married, and have earned everything I have,” Ritah Kaggwa said.

Ritah Kaggwa is a zombie – Bad Black Roars

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