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Losing my son was darkness and depression – Juliana

Juliana Kanyomozi is one of the most secretive and private musicians in the country.

She has quite a small circle of friends and others are just colleagues to her as she only talks to them once in a while.

It’s always hard to get to know what she has in store or what she is going through unless she decides to talk to you on an individual basis.

However, while in a lengthy interview with Ibra K Mukasa, Juliana Kanyomozi was asked to share some of the difficult moments she has so far faced in life and in the music business.

Responding to the question, she explained that the loss of her son, Keron Kabugo, hit her very hard to the extent that she thought she wouldn’t recover.

The “Nabikoowa” singer narrated that the loss of her son struck her into a deep hole of darkness and depression.

She noted how it is the reason why it has been rare to watch her perform as she is still struggling to recover from the loss five years since her son went to be with the Lord.

“My most down moments in life were when my dad and son passed on, especially my son. I sunk into a deep hole of darkness and depression. In fact, I don’t know how I overcame it though. It is partly why you have seen me less on stage,” Juliana Kanyomozi said.

When asked to share about her beautiful moments, the songstress noted that it is when she became a mother again to baby Taj.

She further revealed how she was living in a lot of pain, anger, depression, and confusion towards God and had even vowed never to give birth again.

“The beautiful moment when I became a mom again. I can’t explain it. It was all happiness and joy because I didn’t expect it. Not because I feared that I wouldn’t give birth again but because I didn’t want to. Nali sagala.”

“The pain of my loss, made me so, a combination of anger and desperation, and confusion towards God that I said I never want to have another child.”

“For some good years, my family feared to even talk about me giving birth. It took me four years to heal. But you never heal completely. And after 4 years I started contemplating going there. Even now I still have that fear but prayer has helped me to go through it.”

She, however, doesn’t know if she will give birth to another child after baby Taj but keeps on praying.

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