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Ritah Kaggwa is a zombie – Bad Black Roars

Shanita Namuyimbwa, also known as Bad Black, has roared hard like a lion in a bare-knuckle attack against social media blogger Ritah Kaggwa after learning of her return to Kampala.

Bad Black reacted basing on pictures of the sensationalist blogger while she was at Entebbe International Airport and shared them on social media with a caption spiced with taunts. According to Bad Black, she reveals that God will never forgive Ritah Kaggwa for her looks after spending over 20 years in the United Kingdom.

The two [Bad Black & Ritah] have been at loggerheads for quite some time now and thus you can’t expect them to be on the same page. Ritah Kaggwa is the country [Uganda] for a shorth holiday but it seems her holiday is going to her plan.

This because many social media in-laws have come out and lashed hard at her with bitter comments all over social media platforms.

My dear friends, God will never forgive you… [laughing emojis]… 20 years in [the] UK and you still look like this [laughing emojis]… Zombie…?”

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