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Here is why Chosen becky & Vyroota are trending

Uganda’s finest female singer Chosen Becky and rising star Vyroota are the talk on every social media network in the country. This follows after fast rising vocalist, songwriter and singer Musigazi Abdul Aziz aka Vyroota revealed how much he loves Chosen becky. According to the Risk singer, he revealed that Chosen Becky is the only female artist he would love to collaborate with from Uganda’s music industry.

A few moments later, singer Chosen Becky dropped an ice cold response following Vyroota’s comments. She [Chosen] confirmed to the media that Vyroota is the best new male artist in Uganda without any fear or favor. Therefore, she offered 5 collaborations to the rising start and promised to work with him to ensure he achieves his dreams. The delighted and grateful Becky did this while praising back the “risk” hitmaker who in an interview said that Chosen Becky is her best Female Artiste in Uganda

“Wululuuuu banange munkwateko siggwa. Bannange Kati mugenda kwogelaki mazima. Omanyi wenjogela nga mugamba becky atandiseee , naye dala bannage nkole ntya đŸ„čđŸ„č. By the way Vyroota is the best new male artist in Uganda 
. Era nze Kati sikyalina muyimbi gwentegeela mulala nga so Vyroota. Oh oh oh Bambi dear thank you so much , infact I’ve given you 5 collaborations. Just run and we hit studio . Bambi kavubuka kalunji bulala mwatu . Kyoka ate kayimba bulunji yiiii Uganda is blessed to have such a cute talent . My brother your going to be far trust me . I can see how far your going . God is going to make you Uganda’s Chris Brown era people just be ready. Bambi webale Taata . Mubutuufu Bambi oli wa njawulo nyooo nyooo . Oyimba Ekintu Uganda ky ebade emisinga,” Chosen Becky posted.

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