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Revealed! Why Kawalya Isaac Kaiyz quit from NBS & Sanyuka TV

Recent sources claim that controversy journalist Kawalya Isaac Kaiyz has left Naguru-based Next Media and moved to the United States due to a lack of respect at the station and a meager income for the years that he had worked there.

Jenkins Mukasa, a presenter on Dembe FM and a seasoned musician, claimed that Isaac Kawalya Kaiyz, an entertainment journalist for Sanyuka TV, had migrated to the United States and had already moved in with Mary Flavia Namulindwa in California.

Since a few years ago, Kaiyz has been flying in and out of the nation, but a few weeks ago, he flew out and apparently refused to return to the station, sparking rumors that Spark TV was pursuing him.

Now that Kawalya Isaac Kaiyz has resigned amicably and moved to the USA in quest of brighter pastures, Jenkins Mukasa has confirmed this information.

Jenkins attributed Kaiyz’s choice to problems at work, such as his managers’ lack of humanism and their refusal to raise his pay.

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