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Where is Pretty Nicole Okwepicha trending video? See here

Who exactly has Pretty Nicole trending video 2023 that is making social media in-laws disturb search engines like the world is ending. In fact one of our followers even sent us a screenshot revealing how he even asked ChatGPT for the video. Worry no more, read this article until the very end for the whole truth.

If you are a social media addict, we are pretty sure that you have come across stories about upcoming socialite Pretty Nicole escaping from school without clear reasons. According to our credible news sources, Nicole’s guardian who had offered to support & pay her school fees was left perturbed. Additionally, she could not sleep as no one was certain of Pretty Nicole’s whereabouts.

Just like any other responsible person, she expressed anxiety as she wanted Pretty Nicole’s mother to involve the Police so that they could trace her whereabouts.

Hmm, well, even before the police could intervene, troubled Pretty Nicole surfaced online in an insane video. This is where she stood her ground and revealed to social media in-laws why she escaped from school. She also confirmed that she has dropped out of school for good and therefore she is to try other ventures that win her bread at the end of the day.

“I left school because I don’t understand what the teachers teach in class. I therefore thought of streamlining my music career as an option because at the end of the day, I will need money to run me through this crazy world,” Pretty Nicole said.

However, some social media in-laws started spreading false rumors that Nicole is set to sell off her “KASOLO” for a living. Additionally, others even revealed that they will soon out her Okwepicha clips, something that captured the attention of social media users. Above all, Sabula Ug can confirm to you that Pretty Nicole Okwepicha videos are a scam because they don’t exist.

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