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Dan Magic trashes Bobi Wine’s Song ‘Nalumansi’ critics

Producer Dan Magic has trashed haters and asked them to stop criticizing Bobi Wine’s new song ‘Nalumansi’s quality of production.

For the past year, Bobi Wine has been singing about politics and the songs haven’t been given airplay in media houses.

However, several music critics have been branding Bobi Wine’s songs as poorly produced hence going on to blame Dan Magic who work as Bobi Wine’s producer for the poor production work.

Bobi Wine released a love song last week known as ‘Nalumansi’ but as usual, critics were very quick to judge it.

They said the song is good but the quality of production is very poor yet Bobi Wine has the money to go to the best producers in and out of the country.

According to Dan Magic, those criticizing Bobi Wine’s song should leave it. The production is not poor and he always does anything they want.

“I don’t want people to keep criticizing Bobi Wine’s Nalumansi song saying it is of poor quality. I am the person who produced it with the help of Bobi Wine himself.”

“He is a producer and I am sure he knows why want his songs the way we produce them. After all, those criticizing it have never appreciated anything in life,” Dan Magic said.

He went on to say that people like Eddie Sendi and Frank Gashumba who have been criticizing the song have never appreciated anything in life and those can’t give him hard time.

Dan Magic came on music scene after producing Bobi Wine’s hit song called Specioza in 2016.

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