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Producer Didi’s situation worsens as he is currently homeless

Renowned producer Abdul Karim Muchwa a.k.a Producer Didi is currently going through a tough situation as he resorted to farming for survival.

Since being arrested and imprisoned for taking part in the production of the song ‘Panadol wa Basajja‘ in 2014 Didi has never regained his footing in the music industry.

Today, he struggles to find where to sleep and hardly finds what to eat on a daily basis. Life has completely turned around for him and it is sad to see.

Didi says that the government authorities deprived him of his promising career when they confiscated his studio equipment.

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He says that his passport, bank cards, cameras, and production equipment, among several other things, were taken by authorities when he was arrested.

“The government took all my equipment, threw me into prison and I had to start from scratch. They took everything including my passport and bank cards,” Didi said.

“They accused me of producing a pornographic song with Panadol but in the end, when they realized the truth, my equipment was not returned,” Didi said in an interview.

Despite his contribution to the music industry, particularly the music and video production sector, he has not been helped much by his comrades in the industry.

“I really don’t know how that Producers Association functions right now. I spoke to its president, producer Rinex, sometime back but we never got in touch again since,” he further said.

At his peak, Didi produced some of the biggest bangers in the industry including Eddy Kenzo’s ‘Stamina’, Coco Finger’s ‘Mr Deejay’, Sizzaman’s ‘Mafaranga’, Maurice Hasa’s ‘Kaleke Kasome’, Gift ov Kaddo’s ‘Traffic Man Officer’, among many others.

Currently, he still does production for his friends on the low wherever he is allowed into other people’s studios as he has no studio of his own.

He also does small-scale farming back in the village where he relocated after deciding that his days of surviving in the city had come to an end.

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