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Haruna Mubiru vows not to manage musicians again

Former Kream Productions CEO Hajji Haruna Mubiru has vowed to never manage musicians again.

It should be noted that when Haruna Mubiru left Eagles Productions, he started Kream Productions where he managed a group of singers.

However, the group later crashed and money was sighted as one of the root causes of the split.

Mubiru says he has no interest in reviving it due to very many challenges in managing artists.

“I gave up on musicians to concentrate on my business. I would invest my money and time in musicians but they would not appreciate it. I would rather put my money in the restaurant here,” Haruna Mubiru said.

“I want you to go and ask anyone who has had a band before whether they can still engage in management. Musicians always disappoint. You invest money and they forget you once they make it,” he added.

Haruna Mubiru is now concentrated on his food business called H&M restaurant and he has not been so much active in music since 2020.

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