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Ssuuna Ben and I are unbreakable – Mbaziira Tonny

Renowned media personality Mbaziira Tonny believes there is close to nothing that can make him part ways with his long-term friend and partner Ssuuna Ben.

The Binyanyanyanya specialists have been good friends and workmates for close to a decade now and their journey dates way back from Masaka.

The two met when they were still youths hustling to make a name in the Ugandan entertainment scene.

Before moving to Kampala, Mbaziira Tonny and Ssuuna Ben left a mark in Masaka where they started their media careers at Radio Equator before making names at Radio Buddu.

Whenever they return to their hometown, they receive a warm welcome.

Speaking in an interview, Mbaziira Tonny was asked if they have ever faced the challenge of wanting to separate as a duo since they even work for different media houses.

“Some people pose comparisons between the two of us but the way we handle the matter is what has kept us together for all this while,” he said.

“I don’t think that we can separate because that will depend on the two of us,” he added.

Mbaziira Tonny and Ssuuna Ben have made history as the first DJs in the country to stage concerts without artists and they pull large crowds.

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