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Chike Sells Off His Mercedes Benz-GLE To Sponsor His Music

As the economy continues to bite, Nigerian singer and songwriter, Chike Ezekpeazu Osebuka aka Chike has revealed why he was forced to sale off his car. According to the singer, he revealed that he sold off his car in order to finance the advancement of his music career.

He took his tears to his Twitter page on Friday to make this announcement known as it was his Mercedes Benz-GLE which was sold for the promotion of his newly released album, The Brother’s Keeper.

“Just Sold my Gle I spoke about in my album to sponsor the music. If you see me de Waka for Lekki Please ignore Sogbo?,” he posted.

Additionally, he shared screenshots of a chat with the buyer and it could be seen that he was paid N11 million for the whip.

Chike however, askedhis fans to ignore him if they were to see him de Waka on the road as a result of his recent action.

This has called for mixed reactions from different social media in-laws cross the globe.

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