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I’ll return to social media with endorsements – Crysto Panda

Recently, singer Crysto Panda took a break off social media with rumors spreading that he had fallen into depression which he was battling for some good time.

The depression came on the back of the flopped “Panda Turn Up” show which he had organized at Lugogo Hockey grounds.

A few days later, social media was awash with trolls and memes that dissed Crysto Panda.

Speaking in an interview, he denied accusations that he quit social media due to depression and the flop of his show as he assured the public that he went offline to reflect on his future plans.

He explained that ever since he took a break from social media, his life has greatly improved as he has a lot of freedom and peace of mind as a person.

Crysto Panda promised to return to social media with lots of changes and endorsements that will keep critics quiet.

Leaving social media has given me a lot of freedom and peace of mind so much that as a person I needed to reflect on my past and the future.

“By the time I will return, you will be seeing a lot of changes and endorsements on my pages. So just wait and see,” Crysto Panda said.

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