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Vinka demands for a concert in December

After Swangz Avenue held a successful concert for Azawi at Lugogo Grounds in July, fans demanded that the label does the same for Vinka and Winnie Nwagi.

After a few weeks, Winnie Nwagi announced her concert dubbed “fire” on 9th September at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

The label sold her show to KT Promotions, but she has since struggled to have big brands support her event.

Many of them fear that her bad reputation might ruin their public image.

With her show almost out of the pipeline, an insider at Swangz Avenue has informed us that Vinka is also requesting management to organize her concert come December. 

“She is making demands but the bosses seem reluctant. She wants a concert in December,” an insider said. 

The management thinks December is not a good period to hold a concert since it is packed with other events. 

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