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Eddy Kenzo To Encourage Kadongo Kamu artists In New Song

BET Award-Winning artiste Edrisah Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo is set to release a brand new Kadongo Kamu song to encourage Kadongo Kamu artists in the country before the Eddy Kenzo Festival. According to the singer, Kadongo kamu is very a cultural, informative and fun genre, but it beats his understanding why Ugandans no-longer get plenty of this music anymore.

“My late mum was a big fun of Kadongo kamu(Uganda’s Country Music) and for the little time I spent with her, she bought every tape that got released. On the streets of masaka, kadongo kamu music was always played regularly so we grew up as fans/Lovers of this country music.

Kadongo kamu is very a cultural, informative and fun genre, but it beats my understanding why we no-longer get plenty of this music anymore

Has the world changed so much, have we forgotten our culture, has modernity swallowed culture what really went wrong?

Kadongo kamu Carries and give us an opportunity to know our roots and how to live life, it Carries alot of good message and it reminds us of our culture because we can embrace modernity but our culture represents who we really are.

I wanna encourage all kadongo kamu artists and lovers, not to stop giving us the original kadongo kamu music, messages, instrumentation so that we keep our culture alive and strong.

Therefore as a Kadongo kamu lover I will record a song or two every year as a way to encourage and reassure the kadongo kamu singers that this genre is not outdated as they might think, yes we do the kind of music we do because it is the new generation but this genre is of so much importance to our culture and country, we are so unfortunate that our songs of these days must be so short and we can’t put as much, but with Kadongo kamu it is so okay to have upto 15 minutes and people still enjoy and listen.

I’ll go to studio this weekend and release a kadongo kamu song very soon as an encouragement and validation for our Kadongo Kamu artists before the Eddy Kenzo Festival.

We love this music, and wish to listen to more of it, and for that reason we shall give a platform to the kadongo kamu Artists at the #EddykenzoFestival therefore we invite them all to come batusanyuseemu.

Just watch the space for the coming kadongo kamu song, I’ll be letting you know of the title when am done recording.

For the love of our culture.
I thank you and love you all.

Yours Truly,
Edrisah Kenzo Musuuza

Awangaale nyo Sabasajja Kabaka
For God and my Country,” Eddy Kenzo posted.

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