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Zari resurrects stolen phone

City socialite Zari Hassan is on cloud 9 after recovering her stolen phone.

Zari took to social media after her ‘All White Party’ to announce that she had lost her phone on Thursday evening at Motiv Bugolobi.

She went on to implore the thieves to return her phone because it contained the pictures of her kids and many prized possessions.

Upon hearing her outcry, the thieves returned the phone to her boyfriend but not for free as she narrated how the phone was resold to her boyfriend.

“I finally got my phone back although not with all my content, my content was all deleted. Yesterday someone kept calling my boyfriend saying they’d got the phone. They needed money from him. He decided to meet them but they didn’t show up,” Zari said.

“They kept saying, “you guys are going to arrest me. At 3 am, someone called him again saying, “We’ve found your phone.” 

“They resold the phone back to him. So this wasn’t a stunt, these things happen in Kampala, pickpocketing is one of the biggest things,” she added.

However, Zari stressed that she managed to repossess her phone, but all the content had been erased.

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