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Netizens Unimpressed with Rema Namakula’s Nyash

Normal business on different social media platforms paused for some good hours after singer Rema Namakula’s Nyash photos surfaced. This followed after Sanyuka TV posted all the performance photos of singer Rema Namakula during their Sanyuka Egabudde concert 2022 at the Uganda museum.

Well, it seems their social media manager did not care to look through the photos before posting them for social media in-laws. Amongst these photos were the crazy Nyash photos belonging to singer Eddy Kenzo’s ex-girlfriend.

According to social media in-laws, they believe Rema should just keep posting her face and the front view of her body but should never ever post the backview of herself. This is because they were 100% unimpressed by her INSANE and childish nyash.

Others suggested that the police should arrest whoever took the pics showing Rema Namakula’s rare view.

“Whoever took this pic of Rema showing her rare view should be arrested ??wano nebwoba olina face nga elinga mata naye nga nyash tekuli Nasa Tushabe oba tolina kyomugamba. Rema watulimba nyoo,” a social media in-law posted.

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