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Ronald Alimpa set for stage return in a wheelchair

Rising artist Ronald Alimpa has confirmed that he be returning to stage to make performances this festive season.

The ‘Lusuku Lwa Cement’ hit maker claims that he will not be stopped by his injuries and that he will be performing in a wheelchair.

It should be noted that Alimpa who got an accident a few months back has been out of action for a couple of months.

He however confirmed that he accepted bookings because he misses his fans and that he also needs money to survive.

“I feel energetic enough to perform. I have improved greatly but I can’t stand for long. To sing for my people, I will remain in my wheelchair. My fans will love it,” Alimpa said.

Alimpa was hospitalized following a nasty accident that broke his legs.

He however, seriously abused and almost hit his mother in the hospital before stopping her from taking care of him anymore something that forced Maama Fiina who was his financier from funding his hospital bills.

This left Alimpa financially doing poorly and it means that to survive he needs to return back to work.

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