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Top 100 Uganda songs on Apple Music will Shock you! But why?

The top 100 Ugandan songs on Apple Music have raised mixed reactions on all social media platforms. Only four songs from Ugandan artists feature on the list of the top 100 most played songs in Uganda on Apple Music. Wana Wankya by BentiBoys Africa, Balo Balo by Mudra, Siri Regular by Spice Diana, and Abantu by Apass.

Galaxy FM CEO Dr Innocent Nahabwe has called upon all Uganda media houses, Djs and Ugandans to fight hard and put Ugandan music to the top. In his statement, he applauded Galaxy FM and TV for always playing Ugandan music at the heart of its programming.

“This is why we must fight to put Ugandan music to the top! Now what is this ? Really wtf! That’s why GalaxyTV and Galaxy TV will keep Ugandan music at the heart of its programming !
The Nigerians must be laughing at us!
Strangely , when Ugandan artistes are nominated in even the small awards in Nigeria , they be over the moon.. but when we do our own , many ignore . Why don’t we love ourselves ?
BIswaaza yalabi,” Dr Innocent Nahabwe posted.

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