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Netizens impressed by Jose TikTok trending video

Social media in-laws woke up in total shock after landing on an insane video dubbed as “Jose Video” from a couple that did it LIVE on TikTok. This is the first video to be released while the couple is having fun on a livestream video. 80% of the social media in-laws have been impressed while the 20% have been unimpressed with the young couple trying to go viral in such a manner.

The guy in the trending video has been identified as Jose because the young girl was heard screaming his name. These two started the Live video in a very awesome way but then they started developing feelings for each other in the process.

Social media in-laws first thought that may be the two were rolling out a comedy skit but at the end, things totally changed as the guy seemed not to control his h0rn.

Some social media in-laws have called for the immediate arrest of these two because their act demeans the morals of an African child.

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