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Fresh Daddy wa Ba Promoter – Ykee Benda stings Bajjo

Wyclif Tugume, aka Ykee Benda, the head of Mpaka Records, mocked Andrew Alfonso Bajjo, the events promoter, questioning why he speaks in such a whiny manner. He also branded Bajjo as a new version of Fresh Daddy with in the promoters in Uganda.

Ykee Benda responded to Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga‘s positive comments about artists when Jose Chameleone visited him by making fun of Bajjo during a press conference he conducted at his workshop.

Ykee brought up the list Bajjo produced with the prices that musicians should be paid as performance fees in response to the query.

He taunted Bajjo by saying that he spoke as though he wanted to cry as he made his case, and the words did not sit well with the event’s promoter.

When given the chance to respond to Ykee Benda’s remarks, Bajjo did so in equal measure, calling Ykee a “stunted” artist who need to put down the microphone and find another activity.

He said that Ykee ought to concentrate just on his family or try his hand at other ventures, like opening a tavern and working as a barber.

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