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Soroti Punters reap big from Fortebet – Alex Muhangi Soccer

It was not just playing football but also lots of winning gifts and merry-making in general. All this happened at Hilder’s P/S playground last Saturday, a day that Fortebet Alex Muhangi soccer tour stormed Soroti City.

The tour started with a give back to the community, specifically donating a number of daily-use items to the needy children at St. Francis Rehabilitation Centre.

Fortebet and Muhangi then proceeded to the football battlefield, where the clash for the champions took place. Eight teams representing the 7 Fortebet branches then battled out in knockout encounters until the victors, Soroti Market branch emerged.

The victors took on Muhangi’s team, in a match that was full of talent show-off.

As usual, these victors were prized with 500,000/=, footballs and club jerseys. The second placed team was also prized with 300,000/=, balls and jerseys while the other 6 teams were given a cash facilitation, jerseys and balls.

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