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Is Dr Hamza Ssebunya cheating on Rema Namakula? Whole truth

Is Dr. Hamza Ssebunya cheating on his wife Rema Namakula with a Kampala slay queen? Whole truth in this article OMANYI MUSAALA OMUGAMBO. Uganda’s finest female singer Rema Namakula’s husband and baby daddy Hamza Ssebunya was seen in a romantic mode with one of Kampala’s slay queens. Hmm, social media in-laws, as usual, didn’t wait for any explanations, therefore they decided to take this matter on their own.

According to these restless social media in-laws, they believe the slay queen seen with Dr. Hamza is going to be wife number 2.

According to the photos seen by Sabula Ug news sources, Dr. Hamza Ssebunya gathered with very close friends to have private time together.

Unfortunately, these photos and video clips were leaked online, and seriously they have now become a huge topic all over social media. All the information we are getting from the Rema Namakula die hard’s camp confirms that they are not happy with the leaked photos online. Therefore they demand an explanation from Dr. Hamza which we believe they will not get.

However, we were also told that Hamza was just attending an evening out for a birthday celebration which some people have twisted into something different.

In fact, he was not alone with this lady but with some other guys in present. However, one can never be sure of what was happening.

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