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Are you trying to kill me? Sheilah Gashumba life in danger, see why

Ugandan multi-talented media personality, blogger, and socialite Sheilah Gashumba has cried out loud for help through her official social media platforms after unidentified people threatened to take her life under her social media accounts in relation to politics.

Sheilah Gashumba has revealed that a few days back, certain people been sending her threats under her social media accounts in relation to politics. She boldly put it clear that she is not involved in any political games because all she does is mind her business, work hard, and enjoy her life.

“I’m not into politics! For the past few days, people have been sending threats under my social media accounts in relation to politics! Today 4 Boda riders with passengers with helmets followed my car from my gig til jinja road until my driver made a diversion! Are you trying to kill me? All I do is mind my own business, work hard and enjoy my life!!! Threatening my life over scandals I don’t know is ridiculous!,” Sheila Gashumba tweeted.

Here are a few reactions from her followers.

“But Sheilah, making a final judgment that it’s the political people is wrong… I would agree if only you’re suspecting, stop being judgemental coz robbery is something that happens to everyone, other people are being followed too, just as they did to you,” YourBoi JonahWosh commented.

“Thieves are everywhere even me today they tried following me till I boarded a taxi and left. Seriously the guys wanted to rob me. Sheilah, have failed to understand why u’re trying to bring in politics. Maybe u have your hidden agenda why u’re doing so,” Lubega Ruthie commented.

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