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Sasha Brighton impresses netizens with chicken tears following heartbreak

Several Online in-laws have come out and appreciate the crying tactics of musician Sasha Brighton and most of them appreciated that she mastered the art of crying. According to reports, the relationship of Sasha Brighton with her unidentified lover could have hit a hard rock. This is something that left the former Da Nu Eagles singer heartbroken.

It should be noted that the Sweet Sweet hit maker broke up with Herbert Shonga on unknown reasons. However, she got hooked to a new man who she has since kept out of the limelight. The pair went ahead and welcomed a child together earlier this year in April although the pregnancy was being linked to several men especially in entertainment industry.

As per the audio that surfaced on different Social Media platforms, Sasha Brighton said that her boyfriend switched up on her. This followed after he asked her to quit music.

Additionally he had promised her to take full care of all her needs, something she says she did.

However, he reportedly abandoned all his responsibilities and stopped returning her calls and replying to her texts.

Sasha Brighton
Sasha Brighton smiling

The Amaalo hit maker also said that she is choking on debts and rent arrears. This is because she has no money after she stopped doing music and performing at concerts.

She said all this in the audio while crying and several men appreciated her saying that she is so talented in crying.

It’s on record Sasha Brighton’s promising musical career made her release songs, for example, Amaalo, Sweet Sweet, So Lucky among others under the guidance of Geoffrey Lutaaya and Irene Namatovu but she failed to live up to the expectations due to lack of focus.

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