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Kenzo praises Dr. Hilderman for standing with him

Artist Eddy Kenzo has come and heap praise on Hillary Kiyaga allias Dr. Hilderman for being a brave man as he stood with him.

The singer-turned-politician was the only NUP-leaning artist who stood his ground and posted about Eddy Kenzo’s festival as others ignored the Sitya Loss hit maker.

Mike Wine had also posted about the festival but he was forced to delete the post after receiving backlash from the NUP supporters but Dr. Hilderman refused to remove the post an act that Eddy Kenzo say that it is brave people only.

“Hilderman is a hero, he stood his ground and I salute him for being brave,” Kenzo said.

The Stamina hit maker also believe that Hilderman should be given a heroes medal because what he did can rarely be done by normal people.

It should be noted that as most artists posted about the Eddy Kenzo festival, Bobi Wine is one of the few artists who refused to post about the festival.

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Rema Namakula’s real name is Rehema Namakula. Additionally, she was born on 24th April 1991.

Kenzo and Bobi Wine have been at crossroads for some time after the latter accused the former of turning against him.

The Kaana Ka Mbaata was Bobi Wine’s struggle ally but the NUP supporters turned against him after he decided to meet President Museveni an act they termed as Judaistic.

Meanwhile Kenzo’s festival was a success and above all, he was nominated for the 2023 Grammys Awards.

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