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Pallaso Explains Reasons Behind Beating Alien Skin

Team Good Music CEO Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso has come out and explain the reasons behind beating Alien Skin.

Pallaso claims he beat the heart out of the up-and-around rising singer Alien Skin for distorting his rehearsals with his gang.

As he intensified preparations for his forthcoming music concert, the ‘Malamu’ singer lost his cool on Monday thereby raining punches onto the ‘Sitya Danger’ singer for distorting his rehearsals with over 150 goons.

Pallaso claims that Alien Skin afterward, started taunting him with belittling ghetto jargons, something that made him lose his cool as Alien wasn’t aware that he has been through whatever lifestyle he was trying to portray.

Meanwhile, Alien Skin said Pallaso should understand that it was his good day but the next time he tries him, everything will have changed, he will get what he deserves.

“I just didn’t want to fight. On a normal day, Pallaso can’t beat me! Am a professional boxer, I would put him to sleep… Let him dare try me next time if he is a man!” he said.

Ever since Alien Skin joined the music industry, many people have complained about him and his behavior, especially about fighting beating up promoters and fellow musicians.

But Pallaso taught him a lesson in public and Alien Skin who had moved alone didn’t do anything about it.

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