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Pallaso Issues An Apology To Alien Skin After Thumping Him

Artist Pallaso has finally come out and apologize to fellow singer Alien Skin a few hours after beating him up like a baby.

The fight between the two was filmed on cameras and it is said that Pallaso slapped Alien Skin because he disrespected him.

However being mature, Pallaso has issued an apology through his social media platforms regretting what happened between him and Alien Skin.

According to Pallaso, he lost his temper unknowingly due to the increased pressure for his upcoming concert next week.

But he doesn’t use that as an excuse for fighting, he takes the full blame for his actions and he is deeply sorry to both his fans and Alien Skin himself.

“Hello my dear fans. I am sorry I lost my temper last night. So many events transpired off record and I’ve been under a lot of pressure at work, but that’s no excuse for my behavior. I love you and will try harder not to mishandle my frustrations next time. I am very sad and I am truly, truly sorry, I wasn’t able to handle the situation both differently and better.” For my brother Alien Skin, I am also genuinely sorry. Darkness cant take out darkness only light and i should know better. I take the full blame. I am sorry,” Pallaso posted.

Pallaso had claimed that he beat up Alien Skin for distorting his rehearsals with his gang.

The Malamu hit maker claimed that Alien Skin afterward, started taunting him with belittling ghetto jargons, something that made him lose his cool as Alien wasn’t aware that he has been through whatever lifestyle he was trying to portray.

Pallaso Explains Reasons Behind Beating Alien Skin

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