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Dre Kali Changes Name To Avoid Battles With Mpaka Records

Former Mpaka Records artist has changed his name from Dre Cali to Dre Kali after relocating to Canada.

According to him, he did this to avoid more battles with Mpaka records boss Ykee Benda.

Dre Kali who recently relocated to Canada has opened up about why he went silent for a full year and said nothing to his fans.

The vocalist opened up and stated that there is so much he needs to clarify about but feels like now is not yet the right time.

“I prefer the person (Ykee Benda) coming back to me than going to the media like they did in the first place. There are things that they put in the media that I need to really clean up,” Dre Kali partly said.

It should be noted that back in 2022, Dre Kali left Uganda in search of greener pastures in Canada after a couple of years of doing great music under Mpaka Records.

This sparked off attacks from critics and some members of his former management who were displeased with how he left the record label incommunicado.

They claimed that Dre Kali had wrongly treated his former bosses who were shocked by his departure as well.

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