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How to Cheat on your wife 2022 successfully – 5 Top Ways Listed

Hey there, this is not one of the usual articles I create on my website but I felt like you may be in need of these top 5 proven ways how you can cheat on your wife or girlfriend and 100% get away with it. Therefore all you have to do is grab “Kibelenge” and read this article until the very end. However, we as Sabula Ug don’t support or encourage you to practice cheating.

Additionally, cheating is an art. Anyone can pick up some half-drunk girl in a bar, or have a quick and meaningless office drilling. Too much of the introduction, let us get right away into the top 5 ways that can help you cheat on her and get away with it. I have used these tactics and surely I have never been caught though there is a saying that goes “A thief has 40 days” but yeah, that is history.

Delete all the messages on your phone

Well, I have seen a lot of people act carelessly because they have passwords on their phones, but that’s not reason enough to act that way. Honestly speaking out of the experience, if your wife or girlfriend ever thinks you are cheating, then she will hunt down your phone like crazy. Now let’s assume she gets to the phone before it locks and then she reads through all the messages, hehe, you will be finished. Additionally, you have no intention to hurt her therefore be very cautious and smart while cheating. Above all, just act innocent to enjoy this kind of game successfully.

Make your lie as simple as possible

This is the easiest but at the same time most tricky way to cheat on her, therefore, don’t panic, even if things don’t go to plan. All you have to do is stand strong and think of a lie that surely sounds 100% real. Above all, make it as simple as possible, please. Figure out a less complicated explanation and don’t change it for any reason. Always, keep it half-lies and half-truths, and you’re good to go

Don’t get obsessed with your new girl

One thing that I know about cheating is that it’s addictive like a drug. When you have a new partner, it’s ever crazy at the beginning because you want to make them feel they are the only ones you love. You find yourself excited with butterflies in your stomach therefore you constantly engage in messaging back and forth. Please, don’t let the butterflies in your stomach make you do silly mistakes. This is because you will act crazy and raise suspicions. All you have to do is be protective of your partner and your family, period.

Always keep a spare set of clothes in the car

Well, the truth is I don’t own a car right now but at least I have seen these things happen to my friends. I always escort my friend to the gym every Monday night. We all tend to wear black t-shirts and blue joggers. But this is what my friend does, he always keeps an exact copy of those clothes in a gym bag in his car. He then goes to see his side dish, showers thereafter drilling, and changes into the exact same-looking clothes. Therefore with this tactic, he gets home looking exactly as he left.

“Frankly” talk about it with your spouse

I have been a victim before but then this is exactly what I did. If your girlfriend suspects that you are cheating on her, don’t ever risk avoiding the conversation or shy away. This is because it might look like you are hiding something. So all you have to do is be calm and listen to her worries and give an appropriate response. Be “frank” in your discussion and apologize for not knowing that they felt the way. Also, don’t forget to assure her that things are under control.

Hmm, those are the top 5 ways I have used to cheat on my beautiful girlfriend and got away with it. I hope they will also help you. Thank you for reading this article, please kindly share it with a loved one, and don’t forget to follow Sabula Ug on Twitter.

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