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Chicken tears won’t save Gravity Omutujju, respect Elders – Fan

After 48 hours of searching for the Bushenyi MP’s wife video, social media in-laws have been served with another crazy video from rapper Gravity Omutujju. During his own press conference, Gravity couldn’t hold back his tears after an NBS TV journalist Lord Kayz trashed his music LIVE on Television. Well, this followed after the troubled singer called himself number four in the industry trashing the big three “Jose Chameleone, Bobi Wine, and Bebe Cool”.

According to the Enyama singer, he believes that it’s the right time for the big three to pave way for the young artists. Additionally, Gravity says that it’s now the young artists that fill up the big concert venues to full capacity. Therefore that is reason enough for the big three to step aside and give a chance to the very young talents as well.

However, this really didn’t excite all the camps of the BIG THREE as they hunted down Gravity Omutujju from Kamooli to a press conference. These demanded an apology for disrespecting the legendary artists who have inspired the young generation.

But as you know Lord Kayz, the NBS TV presenter doesn’t wanna know so all he did was defend the BIG THREE saying that Gravity has to work for decades to come close to the likes of Bobi, Chameleone, and Bebe Cool. Additionally, he immediately trashed Gravity’s music saying he sings nonsense therefore he should keep mute. This didn’t do well for the rapper as he spoke his heart out about what Kayz said LIVE on TV thus crying during his own press conference.

“Kays said I have fake songs. My songs don’t have value and also I have to learn to release good and mature lyrical music not this stupid music. But what baffles me is that he has no idea about how much I invest in,” Gravity Omutujju.

With all that said, social media in-laws will never let people rest, a fan quickly replied to Gravity telling him to stop shading chicken tears. Instead, let him learn how to respect people, that’s all because he taps into the audiences of the people he disrespected.

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