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Netizens All say same thing about Sheilah Gashumba & Mp’s Wife

Internet users or Netizens have this morning all agreed on the same thing about the trending videos of Sheilah Gashumba & Rickman Manrick vs Bushenyi MP’s wife waterlogged video tapes. This is actually the very last time we as Sabula Ug are writing stuff about this story because we feel you have already had enough of it. Additionally, since there is a saying that goes too much of anything is surely very bad.

A couple of hours ago, the internet was served with two crazy videos, one belonging to Joy who is the wife to Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality MP Kabuura Derrick Baimukye. Hmm, and another belonging to Kampala City socialite the stubborn Sheilah Gashumba with her boyfriend singer Rickman Manrick.

A lot has been said from all corners but there is that one thing that all social media in-laws have agreed about these two videos. We are also very sure that you will be 100% shocked to see what these have all said about the two because it is all the same.

Hmm, also Sheilah C Gashumba together with her camp team will not be excited after reading this one statement from all the internet users. Now here is the question, what did all netizens say about the two viral videos causing traffic all over the internet?


Social media in-laws wrote to Sabula Ug by email that Bushenyi MP’s wife Joy has more water than the stubborn Sheilah Gashumba. According to them, they believe all this is evident in the two videos therefore Sheila TALINA KYABAGAMBA.

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