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Diana Nabatanzi SAD Reaction to Pretty Nicole Trending Video

BBS TV presenter has pulled out a very sad reaction after a yet to be identified girl together with her friends beat up a one Pretty Nicole without any mercy. According to the clip making rounds on different socials, Nicole is seen being embarrassed by fellow women a story we are about to publish in a few. However, Diana Nabatanzi has passed a great piece of advise to these young girls to get themselves busy and get stuff to do.

“Am so disgusted by this act of these women embarrassing fellow women! Pretty Nicole was beaten terribly, undressed, poured on her what seems to sewage, on top of that recorded her body naked & released her videos allover social media. All in the name of “fighting for a man & romours!! All cheering really??? It’s wrath, bitterness & unfairness. she didn’t deserve this disgrace, its inhuman. This is similar to what took the life of the black American girl called Shanquella Robinson ( google). These so called evil friends. She deserves justice.

Young girls get busy & get stuff to do. !!! Stop these cheap fights!!

NOTE: I’ve said what ive said come here knowing. This is “MY OWN OPINION. ” you too are entitled to yours.” Diana Nabatanzi posted.

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