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Artin Pro Opens up on Temptations To Sleep With Female Artists

One of Uganda’s top audio producers Martin Musoke alias Artin Pro has come out and open up on temptations to sleep with female artists.

It should be noted that Ugandan female artists have time and over come out and complain about audio producers asking them for some whenever they to the studios to record songs.

However, the Axtra Nation boss has said that he has never begged sex from any female singer for his services because he act more professional.

“I have never and I can’t because I respect my job. I can’t sleep with female artists, those are my customers,” Artin Pro revealed.

It should be noted that producers like Daddy Andre was accused of sexual harassment by upcoming musicians on several occasions.

Who is Artin Pro?

Artin Pro is the founder and the CEO of Axtra Nation Studios in Kampala where the Producer works with all Uganda’s Biggest artists.

He came to popularity while produced the first 10 popular records of platinum recording artist Fik Fameica.

Artin Pro started music Production in 2015 where he learnt to produce from his long time Friend John Mary whom he visited in Makerere Kikoni after the producer had finished his A level education.

It was from here in 2016 he decided to focus on music production as a career path working with Fik Fameica with his first song Mbega Wabala in 2017.

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