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Girls who BEAT Pretty Nicole in viral video Identified, Whole truth

Hey guys, here are some of the few details we have tried to gather for you regarding the viral video on social media where a group of girls ruthlessly beat up their friend in the name of protecting their relationship with their so called boyfriend. Uhm, many of you have been sending us messages in our in-boxes in need of some detailed information about these girls and the guy who was in the room at the time when Pretty Nicole was beaten up like a Christmas chicken.

First things first, a close source has revealed to Sabula Ug that its ready to spill all the information that you need to know about these violent girls.

Sabula Ug has learned that the girl who beat up Pretty Nicole with a BIG stick is called Kaftah. In addition, Charity was the other girl who was making unnecessary noise in the room throwing piggish questions to Nicole.

If you watched the video closely, you can clearly see a useless and irresponsible guy in the room and hmm Oba he was the one filming. Well, that guy has been identified as Herbert and according to our source, all the people in the video are said to be students at Nabweru.

However, Kaftah is the spear head who made sure that Pretty Nicole gets a thorough beating for trying to steal her man.

That’s all we have for you guys. However, its still a developing story and we hope to gather more information regarding this whole thing. Different celebrities have tagged Uganda Police on their different socials calling for an immediate arrest of these goons.

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