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Brian Mulondo vows not to host stinking artists again

Renown KFM radio presenter Brian Mulondo has vowed to stop hosting stinking artists on his radio shows as he is not happy with their poor hygiene.

The DMighty Breakfast show host pointed out artist King Saha whom he says that he always smells like weed even when performing at weddings.

Mulondo’s comments have been added to Bebe Cool’s usual concern about a couple of fellow artists that do not practice good personal hygiene.

“Please King Saha’s manager should get him chewing gum when coming for weddings and other corporate gigs. Let’s be professional. No one tells you to stop smoking weed, but when you’re going for a corporate gig, it smells,” Mulondo said.

The celebrated radio presenter and Mcee then vowed to bounce musicians that show up for interviews on his radio show while stinking.

“These musicians stink, you may think they don’t shower. Some of them drink so much and even come to our interviews drunk and stinking so badly.”

“There are some we chase from our shows. Please be better. You cannot want to be big when you’re not doing the basics of showering and wearing deodorants,” he added.

Meanwhile, when reached out for a comment, King Saha said that he doesn’t know about Mulondo and he don’t think that Mulondo is understanding well the person he is talking about.

It should be noted that King Saha has been at loggerheads with Bebe Cool after the former accused the latter of not taking care of himself particularly bathing.

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