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Namulondo claims that she can’t afford bleaching creams


Actress Evelyn Namulondo is continuing to grab headlines as she came out and claim that she doesn’t bleach because the creams are so expensive for her.

During an interview with YouTuber Allan Cruz, Namulondo said that she prefers being natural to bleaching and that bleaching creams are too expensive for her to afford.

“I love being natural. I can handle using bleaching creams and they are very expensive for me to afford and I don’t have that money,” Namulondo said.

Namulondo has recently been making headlines on allegations that she broke actor Dr. Gordon Ssemagonja’s heart following a failed relationship affair.

She defended herself concerning the reports as she denied ever being in a romantic affair with her workmate as she stressed that Dr. Gordon was only trying to be dramatic since he is an actor.

The figure that Dr. Gordon cast as Namulondo denied him before the cameras sent a message that at least something between the two happened and he was left cursing.

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