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Who Is Sipapa? His arrest exposes his Unending clashes with Law

Well, one would simply describe Charles Olimi aka Sipapa as an innovative and enterprising socialite. Sipapa’s rise to fame was sudden from the day his leaked photograph with President Museveni went viral, attaching him to the State, or key power brokers.

Sipapa began his life in the Wagunga hamlet in Soni Sub- County, Tororo District. While, here, he was living in serious poverty just like anyother villagers. He sometimes missed meals and also acquired his education from village schools which are at very low standards. Charles Olimi alias Sipapa attended Kirewa Primary School where he sat his Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) in 1993.

He then moved to Kampala Capital city, enrolling to study at Kampala High School until 1997 when he dropped out and reportedly joined a ghetto group. Therefore, he feared books and opted to hustle at a very tender age. However, no one knows what Sipapa exactly got involved into to make all the money that he has in present day.

Now 42, fans and friends call him Sipapa, a self-adopted moniker. 

He cruises some of the latest and pricey wheels and his brawny guards, some reportedly offered by the State, shove other motorists and passersby off the carriageway to clear the road for him.

Story to be Continued…

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