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It was a mistake for Bobi Wine to join Politics – Chameleone

Leone Island boss Jose Chameleone said the National Unity Platform (NUP) leader, Bobi Wine is not causing a change in government very soon as per his expectations. 

Chameleone believes that Bobi Wine made a mistake to run for the biggest office in the land.

He explained that the singer has a long way to go, and he could die without fulfilling his political desires. 

“I quit politics because it wasn’t my call. Bobi wine can’t enjoy his life as he used because he went for something bigger and he might go for plans A, B, C, D, and even Z without causing change.”

“We used to leave clubs like the big boys but he is now scared of being arrested every time he steps out of his house,” he narrated during a performance around town. 

Chameleone lost his mayorship bid in 2021 and announced that he had quit active politics early this year.

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