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Who is Khloe & why is she trending on social media?

Hey guys, its been a while since I wrote these kind of stories on this news blog but hmm it seems I have to jump on this one again. Well, I am going to try as much as I can to break for you down this whole Khloe stuff that is trending on Twitter and other social networks. I have seen some social media in-laws believe that may be there is a video clip out there or some other reason as to why she the face of every social media network out there.

Social media is a place where teens go and kill off their stress but some of the things actually wipe off this stress are short video clips that go viral to the extent of revealing cassavas and honeypots.

Twitter users are in search of the Khloe video which has not yet surfaced but we believe by the end of today, the real video will be officially out.

Well, nobody has idea who she is however many have revealed to Sabula Ug that she could be trending because of a leaked video clip. This is something that is still developing and our news team is doing all it can to bring you accurate information about this whole Khloe saga.

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