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Papa Cidy warns Gravity to stay away from his music

Musician Papa Cidy has come out and warn Gravity Omutujju to stay away from his music.

Papa Cidy said this after Gravity came out and ask Dr. Jose Chameleone to make a remix with him for the song ‘Emeeme Katale’ in which he featured Papa Cidy.

However, this didn’t go well with Cidy who wrote this song as he asked Gravity to give him his mansion in exchange of the song.

Papa Cidy described Gravity Omutujju as a musician whose talent is lacking in all aspects.

He says he can reinvent his career with a good song.

“I can write a song for him or I will give him permission to do a rendition of my song, “Emeeme”. I don’t think he has money to pay me cash. I think the best he can do is give me his house as an exchange,” Papa Cidy said.

Papa Cidy wondered where Gravity Omutujju got the money to build a house yet he doesn’t have a hit song. 

He suggested that Gravity Omutujju gives a false impression about his music career.

It should be noted that Papa Cidy made hit songs with Dr. Jose Chameleone including Emeeme Katale, Joseline, Tolina Kisa among others.

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