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Ssuna Ben and Mbaziira Tonny takes ‘Ebinyanyanyanya’ to Dubai

The fast rising DJ duo Ssuna Ben and Mbaziira Tonny have headed off to Dubai for the Desert Safari party time experience on Saturday November 12th.

Known for their ‘Ebinyanyanyanya’ disco, Ssuna and Mbaziira have for been belittled by the so called elites claiming that their type of disco is for villagers and low people.

However, the duo maintained their type of disco dubbed ‘Ebinyanyanyanya’ and people have started to appreciate them.

They have now started to extend their wings abroad and will be bringing down the house down in Dubai as they are set to disorganize partiers allover the United Arabs Emirates through their music mixes with a faster BPM.

They will feature at a show dubbed ‘Ensasage mu Dubai’ organized by JICC services llc headed by Jackie Jana in partnership with Desert Safari.

Ssuna Ben and Mbaziira Tonny have organized several concerts and have been filling the venues to capacity.

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