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Sheebah, Spice Diana Bury Their Hatchet

As musicians continue to show their unity in the industry, Spice Diana and Sheebah becomes the latest artists to end their longstanding misunderstandings.

Fans of the two artists have been left in shock after they met, hugged, and kissed amidst bitter war reports.

Sheebah and Spice Diana met at the Ugandan National Musicians Federation LTD meeting that happened on Friday afternoon.

The two divas have for months been in the media with claims that they are not seeing eye to eye with reports suggesting that Sheebah and Spice are bitter as each believes to be the top diva of the generation.

On several occasions, their fans Spice Gadgets and Sheebaholics have been on log heads tearing themselves on social media.

Lately, Spice was abused and rushed to her socials to attack Shebaholics. Despite the fact that she wanted to calm the fire, she instead added salt to the wound when she was quoted saying “I’m by far”. Sheebah’s fans fired back rubbishing her music.

For close to two years, netizens believed that Spice and Sheebah can’t eat at the same plate, however, seems that’s not the case as they have been captured on camera hugging and kissing, surely having a good time together.

The artists met at the meeting that was held to steer a way forward for the newly formed Uganda National Musicians Federation Limited.

At the meeting, Eddy Kenzo was named president of the Federation and Bebe Cool was named the federation’s Finance Minister.

Sheebah was given the Vice Presidency role as Pallaso, and Juliana Kanyomozi got the first and second Vice President roles respectively.

This is not the first time Spice Diana and Sheebah are displaying their friendship publicly after they did the same in May 2022 at the former’s ‘StarGal’ EP release party.

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