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SAD: Club Ambiance – Masaka Catches Fire

The unpleasant news from circulating allover Social Media claims that property worth billions of shillings have been lost.

This came as a result of fire that gutted Club Ambiance, a hanging night club located in Masaka City during the wee hours of Friday morning.

As per the videos circulating on Social Media, revelers are heard whispering to themselves as they wonder what really caused the flames of fire that couldn’t even be calmed down by the Fire Brigade due to the strong glasses of the night club that made it difficult for firefighters to penetrate into.

The fire that started from the bottom puts up serious questions about the magnitude of the threat and losses caused to businessman, Joseph Kiyimba, the proprietor of the Ambiance Clubs in the country.

Club Ambiance is a popular night spot, especially for those that travel to Western Uganda where they stop over to have fun.

For some others, once in a while, they drive from Kampala just to dance the night away at the discotheque.

Joseph Kiyimba, a popular entertainment entrepreneur and business mogul in Masaka City is the CEO and proprietor of Ambiance Discotheque, and Ambiance Distillers Uganda (Ltd).

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