'Respect Shifra', - Social media users tell Hoozambe singer D Star

‘Respect Shifra’, – Social media users tell Hoozambe singer D Star

Social media users have issued a very solid and tough waning to the Hoozambe singer D star to stop disrespecting video vixen Shifra. This follows after the Hoozambe singer disrespected Shifra on television alleging that he had no relationship with her. Additionally, the singer revealed that he just met Shifra at the video shoot of his trending free-style video clip on the internet. D Star also noted that he did not know her though he only felt like having her in his trending video.

During a Facebook and Tiktok livestream, Shirfa’s diehard fans are heard echoing out their voices to D Star to stop disrespecting the little girl. According to these angry fans, they believe D Star is famous now thanks to the efforts put in by Shifra. Additionally, they revealed that the girl is more popular than the singer himself because the people loved the amazing dance moves from the big eyed girl.

“Please D Star, stop disrespecting the girl. You are famous today because of her amazing dance moves, therefore put some respect on to her name. First of all, you sing rubbish and people only gave you attention on sympathy cards because of her. I want to assure you that Hoozambe would be nowhere without the efforts of Shifura,” an angry social media user said.

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