I'm now single & searching - Shifrah of Hoozambe reveals

I’m now single & searching – Shifrah of Hoozambe reveals

Uganda’s popular sensation Shifrah has finally opened up about her trending social media video featuring Hoozambe singer D Star while she was sitting on his lap. According to the now famous Tiktok queen, she has revealed to Sabula Ug that she is now single and searching after her relationship with the previous boyfriend ended in premium tears.

D Star posted the video clip on his Tiktok account but little did he know that the social media users would love the craft for the two. Shirah was the main character that really attracted much attention of most the social media users because of her amazing dance moves.

“I was at work when the video was posted, and everyone was telling me about a trending video that I didn’t know about.

It went so viral that when my boyfriend saw it, he broke up with me questioning why I had to sit on another man’s lap like that. I am now very much single and searching,” Shifrah said.

Finally, the troubled content creator has revealed that she was friends with Hoozambe singer D Star even though the singer has distanced himself from having known her before the song video shoot.


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