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Rahmah Pinky & Nina Roz in Tukimala Song Collaboration

Nina Kankunda aka Nina Roz from Black Market Records has featured Team No Sleep singer Rahmah Pinky in a Crazy hit banger dubbed Tukimala. According to entertainment analysts, this is likely going to be the song of the year 2022. The singers posted the update about this brand new project on their official social media handles.

Pinky joined Team No Sleep (TNS) as a replacement for Queen Karma Sheebah Karungi who had fallen out with CEO Jeff Kiwa. She [Pinky] has impressed on her first projects under TNS which surely gives a green light ahead of music career in the country in the coming years.

Additionally, she is still very young and thus still has much on her table to achieve in this industry. This collaboration with singer Nina Roz will give her boost in her music career thus stepping up her music game.

Tukimala is a big tune which is set to swing away all the boring moods around all netizens across the globe. A video teaser about this project was released and surely according to the Sabula Ug noticeboard, 99% of the social media in-laws were impressed.

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