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REVEALED – Why Leila Kayondo has Lost Too Much Weight

Business on the different social media platforms is at a standstill after a shocking photo of troubled Leila Kayondo circulated showing how she has lost too much weight. This came to be a very major concern to her fans and all social media in-laws across the web.

A quick one, Leila Kayondo is a multi-talented singer from Uganda. She was born on 1st January, 1988. Kayondo started her music career in Dream Gals, an all girl-music group, after taking part in a competition that led to the group. The group had hit songs “weekend” and “Wandekangawo”.

Social media in-laws together with her great fans paused a huge question to the Sabula Ug team about the cause of her weight loss.

“Hey Sabula Ug, What could be the cause of Leila Kayondo’s weight Loss,” they wrote. Well, this is a personal issue and surely we can’t reveal to you anything before she comes out herself and talks about it.

Here are a few reactions from her die hard fans who really showed great concern about her weight loss.

“Hey Leila Kayondo ,I pray you heal from everything you are going through that you don’t talk about.You’re anice person and don’t deserve all the tribulations you have been through.I hope you know that you’re strong and beautiful!Tight cyber hugs,” Beloved Mercy commented.

“Some time we be going through hardships but pretend to be well,I hope all is well with you Dear Leila.Much love,” her fan commented.

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