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Netizens worried about Chameleone’s deteriorating health

Social Media in-laws and netizens were left worried about Jose Chameleone’s healthy after photos and videos of his circulating when not in good health.

They are therefore demanding that Chameleone should get immediate medical attention given his deteriorating health condition.

Chameleone who is considered to be one of the most popular and talented musicians in Africa, seems to be medically out of shape given the trending social media photos of the “Tatizo” singer on social media.

This has propelled concerned social media in-laws to immediately start up a campaign aimed at ensuring that the pencil-sized self proclaimed music doctor attains immediate medical attention.

The Kipepeo hitmaker has in the past years been admitted in hospital while allegedly battling liver and pancreas complications, a disease that his wife Daniella, who is based in the US confirmed to be Pylori; a stomach bacterial infection that she says should clear with consistent treatment.

In the video Chameleone was seen playing with his brother Pallaso’s children at Sabula Records of Producer Diggy Baur.

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