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Bebe Cool Vs Bobi Wine feud resurrects as the two goes bare knuckles

The battle between Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine has been resurrected as the two goes bare knuckles on Social Media.

Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool have been competing with each other ever since they joined the music industry.

It started with Bobi Wine declaring himself a better artiste than him, Bebe Cool, and Jose Chameleone. He said he is better academically, musically, and financially.

Bebe Cool then trashed the Music, Dance, and Drama (MDD) course that Bobi Wine did while still at the University.

His diss came a few days after Bobi Wine resumed a Law course at Cavendish University.

The Gagamel CEO noted how MDD is such a terrible course that he would never advise any of his children to undertake it.

Bebe compared it to people who sell fish at the market and noted that he would rather let his children do that than waste money studying MDD.

Bobi Wine responded by calling Bebe Cool dumb before Bebe Cool responding to him saying he is Mr. ‘Kadingo’.

“Practising Music, Dance and Drama makes you smart but studying to become a professional in music, Dance and drama makes you dumb. Obukadde magezi nga tosanze baby cool,” Bobi Wine said.

In response, Bebe said Bobi Wine has failed politically and now he is coming back in the music industry with stunts.

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