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Maro set for musical return next year 

Musician Maro has been off the music scene for a long time, and some of his fans might be slowly forgetting him.

Maro has announced plans to return to the music business next year, saying that he deliberately decided to take a break.

“I would like to share that these two years of my life have been very testing and made me believe more in Life and its characteristics! I have had what many do not get to experience.”

“As a child at 10, I fell in love with Music through my auntie who frequented “Sabrina’s pub” to do Karaoke, and together we would learn lyrics to the songs she was gonna sing! Songs like Gotham city by R-Kelly were on the chart.”

“Years after at 13 years, I wrote my first song (two lines on a full page) where I had no clue how it happened!”

“And all this happened as I was at school, dreaming to work with guys like Steve Jean at A1 studios and Loving Maurice Kirya and his style, I devoted myself to it when I went to campus asking for a dead year when I realized I was being eaten up by the Disease called music, “ he wrote.

“I count myself as one lucky guy who in the two weeks when he started being serious got called by one of the big names “Mickie Wine” and it was the big kick-off.”

“Talking devotion I because more serious and become my manager, made my own company invited and taught them what I knew and we did lots of what you celebrate me for! I never knew there was a need to cool off!  Day and night, season after season, it was working (music).”

“Corona hit after the “Anjagala” concert 2020 and I left the country to only live a life where I didn’t worry about who saw me, what was I wearing, or feel like I am representing a village but just being nobody here gave me a glance at what life is.”

“I am saying I am Lucky to have seen the life many have failed to live. Normal life. And as I continue to live it I have experienced a lot that I would love to share but will only sing it next year probably! I am now on the right mind to create,” he wrote on social media.

Singer Maro relocated to Germany to spend quality time with his child.

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